The Little Subaru That Could!

Ladies and gentleman, it’s official, a Subaru STI has beat an Evo at something! The White Bullet is now the first 4-cylinder 6-speed manual Subaru to break into the 7’s!

This car is no joke, it has previously held the title as the fastest Subaru STI in the world. It was built by the White Bullet Racing team located in Puerto Rico. So what powers this monster?

Well, surprisingly it is powered by a sleeved 2.5L Subaru Boxer engine, making over 1,000 horsepower easily. Nevertheless, it does have a ton of custom work, methanol injection, huge injectors, and one seriously impressive driver. But lets face it, what really makes this thing move? That’s right, A MASSIVE TURBO!

In the end, us car-nuts are very excited and proud to see a dedicated team take home the title of fastest Subaru and first Subaru in the 7’s. There is no hiding the fact that earlier this year Puerto Rico was devastated by a couple massive hurricanes and it is nice to see that nothing can hold them back, especially not their White Bullet Racing team!

Comment below what you car-nuts think of this!


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