The 2020 Toyota Supra is OFFICIALLY Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. We have been waiting for years for the next Toyota Supra to be revealed to the world, and today it finally was!

There will be 1,500 launch edition models with “special” features such as red interior option and red mirrors for $56,000. Otherwise, it starts at $50,000 for the base model and $53,000 for the premium.

It shares the same platform as the BMW Z4, which will put out 355 horsepower with 365 ft-lbs of torque paired with an 8 speed automatic gearbox. The Z4, however, puts out about 30 horsepower more than the Supra, so I am certain that a tune will bump that number up very quickly for the Supra. The Supra weighs right around 3,300 pounds and does 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds.

The interior is beautiful, and very BMW-like. However, I must admit that I am disappointed they did not keep the “fighter jet cockpit” appearance that we see in the MKIV Supra.

So, what do you think?

Personally, I think it has potential and once people start to modify them, they will truly look fantastic.


Happy Memorial Day! Check this out.

Many of you know “Tavarish” on Youtube and his latest project car. But for those who don’t, let us bring you up to speed. Tavarish bought a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo that had previous fire damage (the cheapest Lamborghini in the country). He has made awesome progress, and if you’re interested, check out his channel!

Toyota Supra [CONFIRMED] but will it top the MKIV??

A lot of you are familiar with the Geneva Motor Show hosted in the Swiss city of Geneva. It is an annual international auto show where new ideas are put forth in the spotlight and car manufacturers proudly display what they have been working on. This year, March 2018, Toyota announced that the “Supra” will officially be making a comeback!

However, it will not be a production car (yet) and was unveiled as the GR Supra Racing Concept. But, we really did not get more information about it. Will it be the traditional rear-wheel drive? Inline 6? Automatic or manual? The one thing we did learn is that rumors are true, it will be co-developed with BMW, which in our opinion is a great thing. BMW has really pushed the limits with their M powered cars and know what they are doing, where as Toyota has really taken over the market with their technology and reliability. If we had to speculate, we assume the new Supra will get the smooth inline six that BMW is known for in their cars too. As far as rear-wheel drive is concerned, Toyota confirmed that it will be at Geneva, saying that it will be like all the Supras before it.

Now.. onto some controversial news. The new Toyota Supra may not come as a manual, which we are sad to announce. At Geneva, Toyota did not deny or confirm this, but the way they made it seem was that there will not be a manual option. So, car-nuts.. brace yourself for the reality and prepare to have it be automatic only. (But pray that maybe they will listen to us and have a manual option)

The truth is when we think of Supra, the first thing that pops into our head is the MKIV Toyota Supra from Fast and the Furious. There are avid Supra enthusiasts who love them all, including the MKIII. But in reality, you can find a MKIII on craigslist for a few thousand dollars and you really won’t get anybody excited when you drive it around. When it comes to the MKIV, the prices are sky-high and we honestly do not see them coming down anytime soon. It is literally an icon, which cannot be substituted. The problem that we see Toyota facing, is that they might not be able to top the MKIV Supra. There is something nostalgic about seeing the MKIV supra. It brings you back to the early 2000’s and brings back important memories. Seeing the supra in theaters on the big screen, and remembering how everybody drove crazy after going back to their cars in the parking lot having finished the movie. Will the 2019 Supra be able to do that? We don’t think so.. It may be just like the NSX, where people knew about it for a long time, and when it was released it was just too expensive and not that exciting. Toyota really has to make this one special if they want to top the MKIV, and I am interested to see what will happen in the near future.

Only time will tell, but here is your update on what we know about the 2019 Supra. Let us know in the comments if you are excited to see what Toyota plans to bring to the table!

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Happy Thanksgiving Car-Nuts!

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, more gravy.. with a side of LAMBORGHINI! Check out this video from Shmee150 cooking his Turkey with the flames of a Lamborghini Aventador. (Yeah, his turkey is a Christmas turkey.. but hey, close enough)

Happy Thanksgiving Car-Nuts!

Acura NSX..supercar or sports car?

Let’s step back and reflect on the history of the Acura NSX shall we? The original Acura NSX was introduced in 1990, and the United States in 1991. It was a car that Honda developed to do it all. They wanted to make a car that could hang with the exotics, blow sports cars out of the water, and reliably cruise in the city. At the time, that was honestly impossible…or was it? The competition laughed in Honda’s face when they learned that they were going to try and develop such a thing. I mean who wouldn’t, Honda was, and still is, known as producing cheap economy cars.

So what did they do? They began developing the NSX. A mid-engine supercar with 42%/58% weight distribution, front and rear respectively. The design was so perfect that it does not matter if you have passengers, or a full tank of fuel, the weight distribution would remain the same. It was ergonomically designed, with plenty of visibility and even a full sized trunk! Why is the car so long you ask? Well, the tail of the car is actually designed for high speed stability, not just looks. Oh, and the chassis was constructed from aluminum too. When Honda reached out to suppliers, nobody believed that they would follow through. But after many hours of R&D, Honda developed a chassis that was 50% stronger than steel, but significantly lighter.

As for aero, it was not Honda’s primary focus. The car does sit low, and looks long, but they did not want any flares or wild scoops on this car. Quite frankly, they didn’t need it! The car sits low to the ground from factory, and instead of aero, they focused in on the suspension. The handling and stability on the NSX was something that truly challenged supercars of its time.

So did Honda build a supercar or a sports car? Many people do not view the NSX as a supercar, but after doing some research, their minds should quickly change. This was a car that truly challenged exotics and blew them out of the water too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 9.05.07 PM

The all new Acura NSX was named Road & Track’s car of the year. Starting at $157,800, it is a big price to pay for an Acura. But, before we call it just an Acura, lets dive deeper and inspect what the NSX is all about. The all-new Acura NSX is a 573 horsepower supercar, with a 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds. (To give you some perspective, the Nissan GT-R’s 0-60 time is 2.9 seconds)

What powers this thing? A 3.5L twin-turbo V6 and 3 electric engines.

What is the chassis made of? Aluminum and carbon fiber of course! This combination weighs in at around 3,800 pounds.

Oh, and in case you’re trying to save the environment, it has an average mpg rating of 21/22 city/highway. That’s slightly better than the 14/21 city/highway you get from the Lamborghini Huracan.

So is this a Supercar or a Sports car? We honestly can safely say, it is in fact a Supercar. The history behind the NSX and its development just goes to show that if a company is determined, they can build anything. The NSX is proof of that. It competes with the Audi R8, the GT-R, Mercedes AMG, and many other modern supercars. If it was just a sports car, we would be comparing it to a 350z, Mustang, and Camaro.



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2018 Kia Stinger a True Grand Touring Vehicle?

In 2017 the Kia Stinger was first unveiled at the North American International Auto show. Since then, there has not been much talk about it.

However, that does not mean that there is nothing to talk about. In fact, the features of the 2018 Kia Stinger are actually quite impressive. Let start out with the stylish leather interior, and quickly draw your attention to the OEM launch control. Yes, you read that right, OEM launch control. Not only will you be able to 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, but also you’ll be able to monitor the G-forces via a built in meter.

The interior of the 2018 Kia Stinger is stunning. The layout reminds us of a Mercedes-Benz, but with Kia’s own personal touch. The technology and infotainment system look great and it even looks like it integrated Apple car play. As for space, there is plenty of room for everyone. There is plenty of legroom and trunk space in the back of the 2018 stinger, making it a comfortable GT vehicle.

The best part? The 2018 Kia Stinger is going to be starting at roughly $32,000! That’s a lot of car for the price, so keep your eyes out for these if you’re in the market.

Leave a comment down below of what you think of Kia’s new release!

Failing Head Gaskets on the new Ford Focus RS?! ALREADY!

As we all know, the Ford Focus RS was one of the most hyped up cars of the year. It boasted a horsepower rating of 350. Not only that, but it is all-wheel drive! The price to own one of these? $35,000 give or take..

So, for what you get and the price you pay you expect it to be bullet proof right..? Well, unfortunately Ford has been running into some big issues with the RS.

Tons of Focus RS owners have been experiencing problems with their cars, from misfires to white smoke puffing like clouds from their exhausts. The source of the problem seems to be the head gaskets.

It seems like it starts with a rough idle, misfires, lost coolant, and a check engine light. So far, upon researching the subject, a majority report their issues occurring at around the 20,000 mile mark. So will your Focus RS need a new engine at 20k? Who knows..

Ford is COMPLETELY aware of the problem that 2016-2017 Focus RS owners are experiencing and they are researching to see what the problem may be. In the mean time, if your RS has any problems, Ford is taking responsibility and covering it under warranty. (For now!)



What ever happened to the Tesla Model 3?

(Photos: Unplugged Performance)

Good Question! After filtering through some sources we may have gotten an answer for you..

While the Tesla Model 3 deliveries were promised to start in October of 2017. That quickly changed and now Tesla CEO Elon Musk admits the Model 3 is in “production hell.” He also refused to comment on how many Model 3’s were produced in October. What we do know is that Tesla’s main goal to produce 5,000 Model 3’s per week in December will not be met.

So far, the number of confirmed Model 3’s stands at roughly 440 (not including any built in October). Of those 440 Model 3’s the majority went straight to company employees, friends of employees, and other insiders. Only a handful (or less) of the Model 3’s trickled down to regular customers. It looks like production is having a bottleneck effect.

What is the reason for slowed production? There were problems with the production line and automation. They had to re-write the software, fabricate, and install new components to get everything running smoothly again. Also, the process of creating battery components is not fully automated and very labor intensive.

The Short Answer: Ramping-up of production will not start until March of 2018.

The Problem: Tesla has currently sold about 140,000 cars and once they hit the 200,000 mark the current $7,500 U.S. Federal tax credit will decrease during the subsequent quarters. Essentially, every 2 quarters the credit will be cut in half. Therefore, while Model S and Model X owners can take advantage of the U.S. Federal tax credit while it is still at the full $7,500, by the time Model 3 owners get their chance that number could be $3,750 or $1,875.

But that’s not all that is threatening the $7,500 tax credit, in recent news House Republicans have also released their tax plan for 2018 that eliminated the $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles. This complete elimination could potentially kill the electric vehicle industry.

It will be interesting to see what is to come. We will be monitoring the news closely as time goes on and updating you accordingly. Leave your thoughts about this in the comment section below!




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