The 2019 Toyota Supra.. What we know

In 2014, Toyota debut the FT-1 concept which everyone seemed to fall in love with. In recent news, Toyota has filed to renew a patent for an old name. What name you ask? Supra! Yes, that’s right the Toyota Supra will continue to live.. at least the name will at this rate. We don’t quite know if what we think is going to be the new Toyota Supra will actually sport the “Supra” badge.

Although it may not be named the “Supra”, Shigeki Tomoyama stated that the car will be a pure sports car. Later adding that the elements such as twin-turbochargers and being rear-wheel drive are what made the previous supra so great. The CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, did say that he is committed to bringing more sporty cars to the market. About time considering The Nissan GT-R has been dominating sports cars and supercars alone. Its time for it to be shut down! Just kidding, but it would be nice to see two 90’s automotive icons back on the streets in modern form.

The “Supra” will share the same platform as the BMW Z4 roadster, which we have seen many spy shots of previously. So, what we do know about the BMW is that it is fairly light, having a curb-weight of roughly 3,200-lbs. This is great news considering the “Supra” will be sharing the same platform and is rumored to be even lighter. Engines may come straight from BMW, and are more than likely going to be a six-cylinder of some sort. The “Supra” will look similar to the FT-1 concept, but more than likely be considerably toned down. Although we hope not!

As far as a release date, it’s hard to tell. Unfortunately, we have been given the run around by Toyota and rumors have been circulating for years now. Each year we expect Toyota to announce the “Supra” and have been let down thus far. However, we will stay optimistic and hope that we will have some more clear answers in 2018.

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