Failing Head Gaskets on the new Ford Focus RS?! ALREADY!

As we all know, the Ford Focus RS was one of the most hyped up cars of the year. It boasted a horsepower rating of 350. Not only that, but it is all-wheel drive! The price to own one of these? $35,000 give or take..

So, for what you get and the price you pay you expect it to be bullet proof right..? Well, unfortunately Ford has been running into some big issues with the RS.

Tons of Focus RS owners have been experiencing problems with their cars, from misfires to white smoke puffing like clouds from their exhausts. The source of the problem seems to be the head gaskets.

It seems like it starts with a rough idle, misfires, lost coolant, and a check engine light. So far, upon researching the subject, a majority report their issues occurring at around the 20,000 mile mark. So will your Focus RS need a new engine at 20k? Who knows..

Ford is COMPLETELY aware of the problem that 2016-2017 Focus RS owners are experiencing and they are researching to see what the problem may be. In the mean time, if your RS has any problems, Ford is taking responsibility and covering it under warranty. (For now!)




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