Will Monkeypox Delay Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries? What if you Invested The $100 Deposit into Tesla Stock Instead in 2019?

Did you forget that back in 2019 you made a $100 deposit to Tesla for your Cybertruck? Were you promised delivery in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 but now hear that you may not get it until 2027? Join the club!

We blamed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020 for delaying production of the futuristic Cybertruck we all dreamed of. In 2021 on-going cases of COVID-19 and Tesla’s move from California to the Texas Gigafactory were the reasons for further delay. In 2022, rising cases of Monkeypox are further threatening society and uncertainty about the future is on the rise. Australia cancelled and refunded the $100 deposit on Tesla Cybertruck orders recently and nobody is getting updates on their orders. In fact, some customers are reporting that their original e-mail and messages on the Tesla App have disappeared. But, maybe that’s just user error..

Another “fun” thing to consider is what if you took that $100 and purchased TSLA stock instead of making a deposit on a Cybertruck for Tesla to utilize interest free?

Data collected directly from NASDAQ shown above provides us with the answer to our previous question. If on November of 2019 you would have taken $100 to purchase Tesla stock, you would have bought 1.4091255 shares of TSLA. Now, those same shares you purchased would be worth $1,218.20 today.

But, if you are like me then you gave Tesla a free $100 (and if you account for the ridiculous inflation we’re seeing) that same $100 if given back to you would have the purchasing power of about $116. So would you have been better off just investing in the stock? Not exactly.. let me explain.

Let’s say that Tesla begins producing the Cybertruck and you are lucky enough to be one of the first hundred thousand people to take delivery on one. Remember the dealership markups we are seeing on Ford, Toyota, Honda, GM, Kia, Hyundai and EVERY SINGLE OTHER AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURER IN EXISTANCE?! I am willing to bet that the markup on the highly anticipated Cybertruck (or re-sale value in this case) would be astronomical. Yes, I do realize that now we’re investing more than just the initial $100 since you have to take delivery and get finance approved in order to actually get one. However, let’s compare the Hummer EV. The MSRP on a Hummer was $110,295 and let’s pretend you were able to get one for MSRP. If you were to turn around and sell that Hummer, they are going for DOUBLE! I think the same would apply for a Cybertruck in today’s market. Meaning, your 2019 $100 + financing investment would potentially earn you $50,000+.

Just look at the image above! $234,995 vs. $110,295 MSRP listed on GM’s website.

Regardless, we continue to be patient and dream of the day we get to park our Cybertrucks in the driveway (because they won’t fit in our garage.) I’m curious to hear your thoughts, leave a message or send us an e-mail!

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